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Diamond Tread Plate Factory

Diamond has the expertise and the experience to produce quality stair treads, tread plates and metal flooring out of aluminum or steel in checkered pattern and diamond patterns. Diamond is China's innovative manufacturer of metal tread plate and flooring for engineering and construction uses.

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Stair Treads
General Introduction on Non Slip Stair Tread Plates

Non slip diamond pattern stair tread has a male/female interlocking design and can be installed over structural members to provide a solid, skid resistant flooring.

The stair tread plates can be used to cover surfaces with holes to allow for wheelchair and high heel traffic. Optional edge bands or wedges along the length of the panels, make it easier for wheelchairs and other wheel cart traffic to roll up onto the floor surface. The two styles of edge bands are “A” and “B.”


China Manufacturer of Tread Plates, Stair Treads and Metal Security Flooring (Made in Metals of Aluminum, Stainless, and HDG Carbon Steel)

We process quality stair tread plates with aluminum plate, carbon steel or other metals. Patterns available include checkered pattern, embossed pattern and diamond patterns. Aluminum tread plate makes the most popular industrial flooring due to its light weight, modern appearance and other features.

Stair Treads Lengths: Metric: Standard lengths are 2m, 2.5m and 3,0m.
USA standard lengths: 96'' and 120''.Custom lengths are available.

Stair Treads Width: Metric: Standard widths are 1m and 1.250m.

USA standard widths are 36'' and 48''. Custom width is available.

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